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Briefly summarize the film.
This movie is about a young man from the Anderson, SC area. The man has some difficulties in his life since he was born mentally challenged. Throughout the movie Radio (James Kennedy was his real name) befriends head football coach, Coach Jones. The first time they met in the movie was when Radio brought back a football that had been kicked over the fence a day or two earlier and Coach Jones told him he would buy him a hamburger. Then Radio started hanging around more. This is also where controversy started when the players would pick on him and play mean jokes. After football Radio went on to basketball to help out and it was more of the same from particularly one person that played both basketball and football. Radio was also granted the ability to come to school as an 11th grader and later on he was able to go as long as he wanted to. The film also shows how tough it is to be mentally challenged and to lose a parent. Coach Jones caught a lot of criticism throughout the movie taking up for Radio but he stuck through and said that as he is here more and more we can learn more and more from him just as much as he can learn from us. Eventually Coach Jones steps down from being the head coach at TL Hanna High but still kept his relationship with Radio. Towards the end of the movie is really where almost all the community gets behind Radio and supports him being there and really being a blessing to the community. Explain whether individuals with exceptionalities were portrayed realistically, stereotypically, or as superhuman. This film is a little biased towards both stereotypically and realistically at times. I would definitely say it showed both of those types and maybe even all three, with him being almost superhuman at times. Discuss whether the following values were achieved in the lives of individuals with cultural differences or exceptionalities: Great expectations – Coach Jones definitely had great...
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