animal farm to russian revolution

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  • Published : November 19, 2013
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Animal Farm to the Russian Revolution

The desire to gain of power is the only mindset to most; it has started since the old times to the modern time we live today. These individuals are willing to destroy the life and success of another in order to obtain this power. In this book Animal Farm by George Orwell. We hear the story of how a farm full of animals turn and attack on their caretaker Mr. Jones. The revolt is lead by a pig named Old Major alongside his two other mates Napoleon a crafty little pig who takes his chance on an animal uprising against the humans and become the dictator of his own farm kingdom. In addition we have Snowball who was another intelligent pig that helped Old Major the animals on the farm take control of the farm. Snowball was an incredible leader who was thought would take the lead after the death of Old Major. These three pigs are all representatives to leaders in the Russian Revolution. Old Major, Snowball, and Napoleon are the most impacting characters in the book. They are all pigs that had power in the book and you get to see how it turns out for them. Napoleon is a crafty little pig who wants power to any extent and is willing to do anything for it. Napoleon tricks others into the mindset that they are doing something to help and contribute to the revolution between the animals and the humans, as he had done when he tricked everyone on the farm to give him the milk. As time went by Napoleon became a dark emperor who hid in the shadows until it was time to attack. After days of waiting he then tricks the foolish and gullible animals on the farm into disliking the creations and ideas of Snowball and kicks him out by the oppression group of dogs he took under his wings. “He is not much of a talker and has a reputation for getting his own way.” (35). Napoleon is an evil master mind who never really cared about anyone. It was as though Napoleon only fought in the revolution against the humans to gain power for him to...
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