Assignment 301

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  • Published : January 4, 2015
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Assignment 301
Task A


|Verbal |Non verbal | |Talking – Speaking words |Sign Language – used by deaf and hard of hearing people to | | |communicate | |Tone – The tone of your voice conveys the emotion you are |Eye Contact – Making eye contact tells the other person you are| |feeling. |paying attention | |Pitch – Whether your voice is high or low, lower voice is more |Facial Expressions – Smiling to mean you agree or are happy, | |calming. |Raised eyebrows in shock. |


It is important to respond to an individual’s reaction to show you are listening to them. Repeating back what they say to you for example; ‘I’ve had a headache for days’ you respond back with ‘so you’ve had a headache for days’. Even a simple nod of the head can show you are listening, our facial expressions in response to what is being said. If there is no response from the person you are trying to communicate then it is difficult for any communication to take place.


An individual’s background can influence the way they communicate. The way they were brought up. Some children were brought up not to talk around certain adults. Religion can be a factor with some women not being able to talk in front of men outside of the family. Physical problems may also influence communication, stroke, deaf, blind and learning difficulties. Older individuals may write letters, as they are not so good with today’s technology. In today’s younger society more and more people communicate via text messaging, email video calling.......