Characteristics and Skills

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  • Published : January 12, 2015
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Characteristics and Skills
Kathleen Jones
November 16, 2014
Alexa Garcia
Characteristics and Skills
Dear SCO Family of Services,
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I am a graduate for the University of Phoenix with an Associates degree in Human Services. Although I am not experienced working with individual, group, and family counseling regarding a variety of life issues and behavioral health conditions in an atmosphere that is safe and affirming toward Gay, Lesbian, Bisexal, and HIV/AIDS, I do have the desire to help those in need. I am very patient and understanding individual with great listening skills and have the ability to pay attention to detail. I believe that being genuine and empathetic is a must when working with families and individuals going thru any life struggles. Being a case worker involves having a balance to not come off too strong or too passive in order to help people with life struggles. Understanding and accepting people of diversity is a quality that I have and believe is very important. Helping people confront their issues, struggles, and fears is something that I understand well. I am a quick learner, have a heart for others, am the type of person that is very understanding that some things will be out of my control, and would not condone confrontation with clients. I have had past experience with family members of drug addiction problems, have worked in the past with HIV patients, and with a great diversity of people in a hospital setting and home visits. I know that we have a desire to help and change lives, but the person who is going thru the ordeal must want to help themselves in order for them to get better. Having HIV/AIDS is an illness that not only affects you but it also affects the families as well. For some families it is a tough subject to talk about. Breaking the ice, learning to live, and no longer be or feel like a victim is something that I would love to work on with...