Cons of Polygamy

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  • Published : June 2, 2013
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The cons of polygamy

If there are people out there who think that they can be with as many people as they want then they will be taking advantage of this situation... thats effing discusting.. 2.Hormones

while women are pregnant they may get aggressive toward all other partners 3.Murder

If one of the partners gets really jealous then they may have the urge to do something to another partner that is not considered "right" 4.stupid

this is so stupid. if you really love someone thats the only person that you will ever need. Being married means being committed to one person only, not multiple. If you cant be with only one person then theres no need for you to be married. 5.Immigration

If I'm in the United States, I can simply claim to have 100 wives living in A foreign nation, and demand that all of them be brought into the country. The United States practices immigration restrictions, however these do not apply to kin and family. This would increase the number of immigrants in the country, and the government wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. 6.two timer

It's not a good behavior to have a relationship with both persons. It's a sin and not good in the eyes of people especially to God. You should stick to one person that you want to be with until your last breath. 7.Cop-out

Polygamy is good for people who don't want deep, intimate, permanent and lasting relationships. You can be as superficial as you want and still have all you want because there are enough people who are willing to settle for less. A real relationship means committment. 8.Living Arrangements

Particularly for groups with children, housing could be cramped and arguments could arise about sleeping rotas and daily chores. As each person may have their own ambitions, it would be difficult to organise time together and keep a good atmosphere.