Dispute Resolution and Sarah

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  • Published : November 27, 2013
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1. What does the relationship mean to each of the players?
Answer: The relationship is more important to April because she is trying to work out a reasonable compromise whereas Sarah has secret intentions to sever the relationship with April because she has made new friendships. a. A. Does one person seem to have more power than the other? Explain. Answer: Sarah’s conflict style is competing and this allows her to have more power over April because April’s conflict style is accommodating. 2. Did one person try harder to resolve the issue? If so, explain. Answer: April tried harder to resolve the issue by offering alternative solution such as changing the time and date. April also agreed to Sarah’s idea of having a video chat. 3. What are the positions/interests of each other?

Answer: Sarah wants to try and meet new friends. Sarah also wants to meet new people in her program. April is more concerned with immediate family issue rather than education. 4. What was your resolution

a. Was your result a win-win or a win-lose? Explain
Answer: April is going to go set up a meeting with the professor to explain the situation with the hopes of getting an extension. Both parties will be happy with this solution because April gets to go see her grandmother and not have the stress of her upcoming assignment. Sarah gets to go to her party and meet new people. 5. What style of negotiation was this? If your style was not a principled negotiation explain why not. Answer: Sarah was a hard negotiator and April is usually a soft negotiator but in the end April was principle negotiator because she invented options for mutual gain.