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  • Published : November 30, 2014
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I was very thankful that I had a chance to watch this knowledgeable video about negotiations by which I learned a lot of important things about negotiations. Dr Ury delivers a very important lesson regarding negotiations. He mentioned that we negotiate from the time we wake up in the morning up until the time we go to bed, which means that negotiations are big part of our daily life. He also mentioned that conflicts happen everywhere including home, school, workplace etc. Since negotiations happen every day, I believe that it is very important to everyone to learn how to negotiate so they will know how to deal with conflict, how to handle differences and how to negotiate to resolve issues or to have a starting point to meet the interest of both parties. Dr. Ury mentioned in the video the 4 third side practical tools or techniques that we can use in changing the game of negotiations from confrontation to cooperation. These are the power not to react, ability to listen and to respect, ability to re frame and the golden bridge. I believed these tools are very significant to negotiations as he explained the usefulness of each tool. The first tool is the power not to react he mentioned that the single greatest barrier to us in accomplishing what we want in negotiations is our tendency to react, to react without thinking. In which, I believed it is very true that most of the time that we react without thinking we end up losing control of the situation and regretting our actions. This is very crucial because if you lose control of the situation then you will lose the negotiation, so it is very important to have the ability to think first and look at the big picture of the situation before you react. The second third side practical tool or technique in negotiations as mentioned in the video will be the ability to listen and to respect others. I believe that if you’re a good listener and know how to put yourself in...