Filipinos: Pride or Shame?

Topics: Sovereign state, Country, Thing Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Filipinos: Pride or Shame?
by Rianelle T. Barroma
Being popular individuals is of great opportunity that makes people realize they are somewhat important to the society. Some factors which contribute good identities are talents, skills, intelligence and many other assets. But what if you become known because of your negative behavioral attitude? Can you consider yourself as a famous person to be proud of? That is definitely a ridiculous question to answer. We, Filipinos are said to be prestigious since we prevail in many different fields. Most of us are recognized through the amazing talents we share in every corner of our lives. In general, other nations admire Filipinos because of the noticeable excellence we display. However, this is not merely the thing other races show off to us. As far as I am concern, they frequently or even always notice that Philippines is involved in corruption and some other worst practices. Why is it that our government does not strictly observe effective management in our country? Perhaps, this lingers in our minds but cannot be managed and solved even after elections. In my point of view, what had been previously done will surely be repeated if the persons involved do not perform some positive changes. A habit is a habit and nobody is changed unless he himself does something better for himself. Consequently, our country itself does not even progress. Although Philippines is considered as a developing country, we still belong to the Third World countries and it is obviously because the government efforts are not that enough to strengthen the manpower and cleanse the personality not only those who stay in Malacañang but also the ones who function as countrymen. Unfortunately, we are said to be the first placer in terms of corruption and this does not contribute any advantage to us. Our dignity is ruined by the identity of being corrupt, having...
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