Nicknames: Pseudonym and People

Topics: Pseudonym, Person, Reason Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: January 9, 2014
People are named when they are born, but are they happy with their name? Many people stay happy and just like their name. Others decide that they will live with it. However, some people are really angry with their parents, or the name they are given. On the other side, why do parents name their child a bad name? Sometimes, parents name their kids pretty names, but the child thinks it’s ugly. So really, it depends on the personality of the person and how the person will react to different things. Why do people really change their name, legally? Statistics show that most people do that, because they dislike it. That’s the top reason. Another reason is that their name is spelled difficult or/and pronounced. Isn’t Sara easier to pronounce than Magdalene? Most people make a nickname for themselves. For example, Magdalene could have become Maggie, or Dal. Which makes their name easier to pronounce and spell. One more good reason people change their name, is rich names. Can you imagine having a life in legitimate theatre with the name Bruce Hitler? Won’t it be just easier to change your name to Brce Hyer! Some names, it’s just better not to have. There are many other reasons why people change names. Sometimes they can be very weird, confusing, or just have a bag meaning. However, people still do it. I don’t think I would change my name. Why bother? Isn’t it easier to get a nickname? Then you still have your name legally, but people call you the name you like! I would rather do that. Other people decide to change it, and many of them start a new life with the new name. Some people say they start from a new page. I think that’s possible 
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