Reflective Essay on Negotiation

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  • Published : November 5, 2013
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Reflective Essay on Negotiation
Negotiation is a fact of life.We discuss a raise with our manager, we try to agree with a stranger on a price for his goods . Everyone negotiates something every day.

This paper discusses my natural preferences for influencing tactics, my views on negotiation compared to my prior knowledge, my future work on negotiation and some opinions about the role play activity.

My natural preferences for influencing tactics
At the preparing time I read over different types of influence tactics and the ‘Exchange’&’Rationality’ is what I chose to use first. Later the using of ‘Emotional appeal’ is purely based on the character I play - Pat Taylor -a senior worker who has two young grandchildren and has been in the company for many years.

When I faced the first Dale I (Shirley), my tactics went well. I asked questions actively and kind of leading this conversation. I offered to replace the safety glasses to other kinds which have a clear-sight and easy to use. And when the replacing is taking place, we do not need to use the current safety glasses. Due to my many years experience in this company and I am really admired by other workers, Dale I said it was a good idea and she will do what I said. My chosen tactics went well when I faced a weak leadership.

However,things changed when I faced Dale II(Lisa). Dale II was so strong at the beginning that I did not even have the chance to discuss something. During the negotiation, I was interrupt several times by Dale II and this made me distracted so I gave up listing the facts and reasons and began to play the emotion card .It did not work as well. The two grandchildren I have gave Dale II a great cause to explain why I should be more careful about my safety. Moreover, Dale II offered me the replace of the safety glasses but only in one condition - we have to wear the current one until the new one comes.I agreed to her offer.

It is clear that I should...