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  • Published : October 3, 2013
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Assess the role of Nicholas II in bringing about the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty in March 1917.

Undeniably, Nicholas II had an enormous role in bringing about the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty in March 1917. Whilst many historians argue the fall of the Tsarist regime to be the direct response and product of World War I, it is quite evident that it was Nicholas’ inefficient and fatal autocratic ruling which led to the March Revolution of 1917. The effects of Russia’s involvement in numerous wars only heightened and highlighted Nicholas’ unsuitability for the role of Tsar, and his absolute and stubborn belief in autocracy. Had Nicholas’ various choices throughout his reign differed, the Romanov Dynasty could in fact, have existed to this day.

Nicholas’ weak characteristics and his unsuitability for the role of Tsar was one of Nicholas’ key contributions to the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty. The role of Russian Tsar required a man, who was decisive and stern, and able to deal with the problems of revolutionary violence, such as Nicholas’ strong predecessors. However being contrastingly indecisive and easily impressionable, Nicholas was quite evidently inadequately equipped for the demands of his exalted role as Tsar. Caring little for politics or public life, Nicholas prioritized his family and wife, Alexandra. By dedicating his life to his family, Nicholas separated and isolated himself from the Russian public. Nicholas was left unaware and ignorant of the increasingly growing issues in Russia, including mass poverty, with peasants making up over 85% of the population. His lack of understanding and inability to address the stark realities the Russian people faced, led to a huge decline in the Tsar’s authority. This decline was furthered by Alexandra’s disastrous influence over Nicholas, who urged the Tsar to preserve autocracy ruthlessly. Alexandra’s terrible reputation amongst Russia became particularly detrimental to Nicholas’ regime, when...
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