Russian Revolution

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  • Published : April 1, 2008
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Russia went to war with Japan with the idea of taking parts of China and Korea under their rule. Specifically, the territories were Manchuria and Korea, and the war was formally known as the Russo-Japanese War. The Russians lost the war because of the distance the army had to travel and Japan and more industrialization. The Russian revolution of 1905 could have been avoided if Russian troops did not attack innocent strikers, if the timing for Bloody Sunday was better placed, and if Czar Nicholas II participated more in the protection of the revolution.

During a strike of Russian industrial workers, the Czar’s army attacked the unarmed and innocent people. The strike was held because of the long hours that the workers were forced to do. These strikers included men, women and children. They were on their way to send a petition to the Czar when the army unloaded on the workers. If the shootings never happened the revolution would not have started. This day of the revolution being triggered was called “Bloody Sunday.” The primary reason for the serfs revolting was because of “Bloody Sunday.” “Bloody Sunday” was proof of how the Russian revolution on 1905 could have been prevented.

Timing was very crucial throughout the Revolution of 1905. “Bloody Sunday” came at the wrong time, and it came around the time when Russia lost and the government was very vulnerable. The Russian government was most exposed during this time, and it showed the corruption of the government. The Revolution of 1905 could have been avoided if instead of fighting the Japanese for land, the government should have been worrying about their own countries problems.

Czar Nicholas II was the ruler at the time of the Revolution of 1905. He decided to end the Russo-Japanese War as a last result in protecting his own country from the revolt. The exposure of the Russian government after the Japanese war, displayed how extremely autocratic Russia was and this did not give Czar...
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