Russian Revolution

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  • Published : June 4, 2013
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During the19th century, the Russian Tsar, Nicholas II abdicated from his throne due to outgrowing discontent of the Russian masses. Vladimir Lenin and his compatriots become glad about this so called abdication of the Tsar. They have now started their campaigns by gaining the support of the Russian masses. The Provisional Government which is still ruling the state during that time was overthrown by the so called October Revolution. The Soviets used this opportunity to declared themselves as rulers of the Russian state, making Lenin as their sole dictator. This only leads to a certain hypothesis where the Russian Revolution was only used by the Soviets as a cover up in order to hoard the power by themselves and neglect the people it’s basic rights. By disbanding all of the political parties, mass media and any opposition that will go against them, Lenin had neglected the people the freedom of speech. In fact the intelligentsia, the people that might shook off Russian masses’ minds, is being treated miserably because of this assumption. “During the first years of the Soviet regime, the period of civil war and war communism, the struggle for survival was so intense that very little attention was paid to the intelligentsia question as such. Intellectuals suffered very badly, particularly in the major cities, from the general scourges of cold and famine in 1919. Manual labourers and party and state officials were protected from its worst effects but intellectuals had a very low priority in the distribution of scarce rations” (Read, 2012). This statement only says that Communism was indeed the only idea that the Soviets wanted for the Russian masses to think. Lenin, although exiled during the abdication of the Tsar, still assumes the responsibility to lead the Soviets. He convinced the people to take arms against the provisional government leading to the October revolution. He secure his power by eliminating any potential...
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