russian revolution 1905

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  • Published : September 23, 2013
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The Russia -Japanese war was a key reason into why revolution broke out in 1905 Plehve was reputed to have said that a “short victorious war to avert a revolution” Russia lost several battles producing an amount of 107,000 Russian troops lost. Also the Russian Baltic Fleet, which had sailed half-way round the world to assist their failing army, was completely destroyed by Japanese Ships as it entered the Straits of Tsushima. By this time the Japanese were exhausted and the Russians were almost in Revolution so they signed the Treaty of Portsmouth. The war meant that taxes and therefore prices rose this caused great discomfort and anger among the Russian people. The army was punished for its humiliating defeat and enforced strict disciplinary action. But the Damage had been done to Russia, Revolution was almost upon them. Russia’s population was overwhelmingly peasant. Before the Emancipation of Serfs by Alexander II, peasants were tied to the land they tended so they couldn’t migrate and depopulate Russia. After they had been emancipated the peasants had to buy their land and spend almost the rest of their lives paying back redemption payments. The peasants first struck back at the Government by attacking their Landlords property. Some groups of peasants went as far as to chase down and kill their landlords and burn the property. These attacks were triggered by the spreading of terrorist acts from the towns and cities to the countryside. These attacks continued throughout 1904 and 1905 until they started to decline in 1906. Throughout the whole of 1904 –1907 these peasants had been seizing land for their own. When the Tsar lifted Redemption payments for them the peasants decided that he had also offered them land and tried to take it. But they were mistaken and quickly subdued. The Urban Workforce in Russia had been unhappy for many years about the working and living conditions they had to put up with. These normally made up most of the numbers I strikes and...
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