Social Similarities and Differences in Russia and the Ottoman Empire Due to Modernization

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  • Published : October 21, 2013
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In the 1450’s-1800, the effects of modernization in Russia and Ottoman Empire included social similarities such as the school system and riots by the lower class, the social differences were social classes names of social groups and different aspects coinciding with reform; the economic similarities included both places having a rail system and both places relying on foreign economic assistance, the differences were the level of reliance on foreign help and the difference in areas of focus: the Ottoman focused on trade and Russia focused more on industry; political similarities included the reforms launched and the influence of western Europeans on the Ottoman empire and Russia, the differences were the abolition of slavery in the Ottoman empire and the forms of government regarding leaders and power.

Politcal similarities were that both drew influence from western Europe: the Ottoman, during the Tanzimat era of reorganization and Russia used western models as references to revise their Judiciary court. Another similarity was that both launched reforms for political matters: Au Ottoman leaders launched reforms by the command on of the sultan/leader because they wished to repair the strength of their lands (military-wise). Russia also wished to strengthen their empire after the Crimean war , so they focused reforms to build stronger politically.

Differences politically were slaves playing a large role in the Ottoman empire was were the Ottoman empires form of government regarding leaders and power, as compared in contrast to the Russians. Ottoman empire was ruled by a sultan eventually, high beureucrats imposed checks to dispose of the sultan. Russia was different in that government classes known as Zemstvos were created so that all classes were represented, however they remained inferior to tsars.

Economic similarities were the development of rail: Ottomans opened rail system to build c economy and Russia opened rail under the Witte system to also...
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