The Russian Revolution

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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The Russian revolution
The Russian revolution of 1917 was the result of several major problems of political, social, and economic nature such as the tsar and his ruling, Russia’s humiliation, and the peasant’s voices. One of the several major political problems of the revolution was the tsar and his ruling. The tsar was a horrible leader, one for leaving the tsarina in charge and two just a horrible at being a leader. This caused a problem because when the tsar went to the front lines he left the tsarina in charge and the town’s people didn’t like her ruling because she was horrible to the peasants and made society worse for the Russians, and another cause was that Russia was horrible at fighting in the wars that they have been in. to add to the political problems of Russia Rasputin came along, The tsarina gave Rasputin political power, while the tsar was gone, this hurt the peasants. This was a problem because peasants lost a lot of rights to land and other property which ended up causing riots and destruction of other property. The final political problem is that peasants wanted a voice in government. When the peasants wanted the voice in government this led up to a lot of bad things such as bloody Sunday where the peasants marched to the tsars palace to ask for a voice in government and end up being shot. This was a problem because it showed to the people of Russia that the tsar didn’t care about what the peasants had to say(but the tsar wasn’t there it was his guards who got freaked out and took care of it the wrong way). Russia’s social major problem was Russia’s humiliation. One of the problems was the Russian social hierarchy; this was a horrible system because the tsar, aristocrats, clergy were at the top and the peasants at the bottom at which were treated like crap by the people at the top of the system. Mainly the peasants were treated with abuse and were starved by the tsars’ actions because he loathed in the money and mainly sent some it to the...
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