The Russian Revolution of 1916 - 1922

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  • Published : September 22, 2013
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The Russian Revolution

“The revolution must be a deed beyond all measure, burning all things before it…. If mankind is ever to escape from it’s misery, there is only one method: the destruction of everything in fire and blood…. there is no other way, no other hope” Che Guevara. People revolt for many reasons, such as dramatic changes in standard of living, inequality in society or lack of human rights. The American Revolution was caused by changes in the peoples lives, made by a government in which the people had no voice. Basically they had no control over their lives. Violence is not always necessary during a revolution, but the exceptions are few. When a ruler treats the people so poorly they have to revolt, most are not likely to care about peaceful demonstrations. An example of a peaceful a revolution, which succeeded with the help of peace, is when the Indians revolted from the British in 1948.Ghandi’s plan on not using violence and only revolt using peace worked, for the Indians. The British used a large amount of violence to stop the revolt, and a lot of Indians got hurt. So even though the Indians revolted using peace, violence still played a large role.

The Russian revolution, took place from 1917-1921. Tsar Nicholas II, his family and his closest supporters only played a role in the first few months.These were, the Tsar, his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, his three daughters, his son Alexei the tsarevich and the monkRasputin (who practically ruled Russia through Alexandra, while the Tsar was at war).When the people seized the Tsars power and provisional government were created these were known as the “whites”. Soon after the “whites” gained power, the people started feeling that they didn’t serve their interests. This opened up for more extremist political views, and in 1917, Vladimir Lenin returned from exile in Switzerland, and his party, the Bolsheviks, started growing faster. Lenin was providing the idealism (Marxism-Leninism) and motivation,...
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